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    NiSi Filter 150x170 Nano IR GND16 ND16 1.2 to 0.15 (4 to 0.5-Stop) Reverse S5

    Cat No: N1517R16


    • Lifelike color, no color cast
    • Perfect to compensate for exposure as buildings, small mountains and other elements rise into the skyline
    • Optical glass for high resolution
    • Waterproof and low reflection nanocoating
    • Compatible with NiSI 150mm filter holder systems

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    In the Box

    The 150 x 170 mm Nano-IR Filter is a rectangular filter that can be used to scan certain areas of the image. As bright sky, can be darkened, while in the other image areas a normal, unimpaired exposure is possible. The filter is densest at the edge and tapers towards the center, resulting in a mid-edge transition line between the dense and clear areas. A neutral density filter with a mid-edge transition line is particularly suitable for pictures of buildings, small mountains and other elements jutting high into the skyline. The transition zone of a medium is 40% smaller than a soft GND and is ideal for taking pictures at sunrise and sunset.

    NiSi-GND filters do not affect the color scheme of the image, provide a true-to-life color and are made of high quality optical glass (not resin) with nano-coating to prevent loss of detail. Using a neutral-density filter makes the camera susceptible to infrared light, which transmits the unwanted red color to the photos when shooting with a small aperture. NiSi-GND filters have an infrared protective coating to eliminate the infrared light through the lens and restore the natural, lifelike color.

    The NiSi 150mm filter system is ideal for cameras with lenses without standard filter threads.

    This 150mm x 170mm filter is compatible with the NiSi S5 filtration system.

    Filter Type
    ND Gradual
    1.2 (4 stop)