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    Nanlite Projektorhalterung für Forza 60,60B LED Leuchte mit 36 Grad Objektiv

    Cat No: NL-PJ-FZ60-36


    Note: The Forza 60 spotlight and battery are not included.


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    Nanlite boost the creative impact of their Forza 60 and 60B with the addition of an all new projection accessory.

    Designed from the ground up by the Nanlite technical team this brand new projection attachment has been developed specifically for use as part of the Forza system.

    Since their introduction, these highly capable, compact fixtures have proven themselves to be an ideal low energy source for all manner of video and photography productions, winning praise from a global audience.

    Extending the range of light shaping tools developed specifically for use with the Forza, the addition of the projection accessory broadens further the creative scope of the fixture.

    The Forza projector has been built around a totally new optical system created to maximise the output of the fixture’s powerful onboard COB technology, a clear step forward in efficient energy use.

    Use of an aspherical lens corrects aberrations and reduces distortion, whilst an anti-reflective coating helps eliminate any shift in colour temperature to deliver a truer, more accurate output. The innovative use of texture applied to the internal housing during the manufacturing process, make edges cleaner and sharper.

    Capable of delivering a greatly enhanced performance, the 19° lens offers the equivalent of 17 times the core output of the fixture. Use of the reflector provides 3 times the illumination, whilst the Fresnel achieves 1.4 times the overall output.

    Joining the existing selection of Forza light modifiers, which includes Bowens adaptor, Fresnel, and softbox options, the projector attachment features a selection of light shaping tools to further expand the creative possibilities.

    An 18 blade iris allows for precision control over beam size, whilst maintaining crisp consistent shapes. The shutter accessory lets users contour and cut to create imaginative shapes. A selection of gobos, plus holder, delivers crisp patterns and textures, adding a further dimension to lighting designs.

    Lightweight, robust construction and the low heat absorbtion properties of the materials used, allows for quick, simple set up. Supplied in a sturdy, protective carry case the projector kits are also easily transportable.

    1x Nanlite Projektorhalterung für Forza 60 und 60B LED Leuchte - mit 36 Grad Objektiv
    4x B-Size Gobo
    1x Gobo-Halter
    1x Gelfilterhalter
    1x Tasche